Bat habit

Bats turn left when exiting a cave.

I guess they would kill each other having no such synchronisation.

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In which country do people use metal chopsticks?

In Korea. There are various styles of chopsticks in different cultures. In Korea, the chopsticks are made of metal, and are paired with a spoon. There are also differences in the eating etiquette.

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Cars in Black

Henry Ford produced the model T only in black because that was the fastest to dry.


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First the sixth

The most frequent street name in the U.S. is ‘Second Street’.

‘First Street’ is the sixth.

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Where does English horn (cor anglais) come from?

Breslau. The instrument was created by the Weigel family about 1720. Since it resembled the horns played by angels in religious images, it was called engellisches Horn, meaning angelic horn. But engellisch also meant English.


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What was the condition of the famous admiral Horatio Nelson?

One-eyed and one-handed. Nelson was wounded several times in combat, losing one arm and the sight in one eye. During the Battle of Copenhagen, he refused to retreat, raising the telescope to his blind eye, and saying ‘I really do not see the signal.

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Where does this mask come from?

Venice. Masks have been a main feature of the Venetian carnival since the 13th century. As masks were also allowed on Ascension and before Christmas, people could spend a large proportion of the year in disguise.

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